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Car insurance

This is the basic car insurance, which is obligatory for all vehicle owners. It covers your liability for the damage that you would cause to other participants in the event of an accident.
With extended motor vehicle liability, drivers are entitled to compensation for their own personal injuries and death when causing an accident.
Full coverage insurance provides full financial security in the event that you are responsible for an accident in traffic and damage to your vehicle occurs. You are also insured for events beyond your control, such as theft, damages at parking lots, acts of wantonness and other inconveniences.
Choose among insurance coverage for: damages to glass (E), at light fixtures and mirrors (J), damages caused by game or domestic animals (D), from theft (K) or at parking lots (H), or choose a replacement vehicle (I). Some insurance companies also have a separate combination for natural disasters (B). As a rule, these are general codes; some insurance companies label them differently. Typically, partial car insurance coverage combinations are calculated without a deductible fee.
This insurance guarantees car assistance in the event of a breakdown or accident of your vehicle. It can also include replacement vehicles and the provision of transfers back to your place of origin.

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