About us

Why spend your precious time on us?

The answer is simple - because you will soon find yourself in a situation where you need our services.

We are Free2rent - a visionary company dealing with the rental of cars and trucks. Our basic aim is to provide quality services in the field of mobility. We provide you with a wide range of the best latest vehicles for different needs. Free2rent is not just a car rental company. Together with our customers, we want to change the way they see mobility, helping them design new and different experiences.



  • Short-term rental of cars and trucks
  • Long-term rental of cars and trucks
  • Business rental of vehicles with comprehensive services (all-inclusive)
  • Fleet management
  • Mobility counselling
  • Various transfers

How can we help solve your problems?

Our basic aim is to ensure user-friendly and flexible mobility services for individual and business customers, thereby reducing their transportation costs. We implement this using our wide range of vehicles and guaranteeing "custom" mobility services. Our strategy is based on the principles of sustainable development and is reflected in the concern for both employees and customers.
We have grown to be one of the leading car rental companies in Slovenia. This is a result of autonomous and independent efforts, strengthening long-term business ties and partnerships in the field of mobility.
Our most important values are speed and flexibility. Knowledge, ability, innovation, diligence and ingenuity allow us to be fast. Our goal is to be first - not only in sales, but also in identifying new needs of the market. We achieve this with our efficient and customized services.
At Free2rent, we build good relationships. They are the foundation for a respectful attitude towards our business partners, customers, suppliers. We firmly believe that business success is underpinned by strong and open relationship.
Having a positive working atmosphere in the company is our signature path that has lead us to top results. Free2rent employees are creative and innovative, highly motivated to implement new ideas. The whole team is dedicated to finding solutions to satisfy our customers' needs. We strive to perform our services in the best way possible, in the shortest time possible.

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